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Expenses manager and mobility driver.

Automate your whole expense management 

SuperApp for your team and a complete management for your business.

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simple and complete platform for managing refunds

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unlimited credit cards

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optimize time

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smart reports

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Why Stuo?

Time is nomey. Save both

Manage simple and fast

integration with all technology APIs

integrate your information, apis and ERPs in a simple and practical way

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Many reports and indicators

Simple and intuitive management of more than 100 analyzes with IA

Set usage limits and policies

Automate the expense management process

Control the management of displacements with kilometer and mobility records

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Credit Card and superapp for your team

Credit Card for your team to easily manage expenses

Companies that trust

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From API integrations to powerful analytics - Stuo has it all

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client companies

Why do companies choose Stuo?

"We avoid errors in manual records and guarantee more transparency and security in the Company's processes."

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